The Center for Communication Excellence offers both group and individual consultations. We are happy to meet either face-to-face or virtually, via WebEx. 

Assistant Directors Rylie Ochs and Ainsley McNeill present on Non-Verbal Communication

Individual and Group Consultations

At the Center for Communication Excellence, we offer both individual and group consultations to help with your communication needs. We have availability for both face-to-face and virtual (via WebEx) appointments. If you need to make a group appointment, only one person has to book the appointment. For more information on our availability and appointment system, visit our appointments page.

During your appointment, one or both of our trained Assistant Directors will assist you. We are excited to use the new technology in our practice room, where students can sign into the computer with their ECU log-in credentials and pull up their presentation or visual aids on our 75″ interactive touch monitor! Our practice room is also equipped with a sound bar, recording equipment, podium, and limited audience seating.

When you make an appointment with us, you have the option to share what you’d like to work on so we are prepared to serve your needs and time effectively.

Common focuses during appointments include:

  • combatting public speaking anxiety
  • practicing class presentations
  • professional development and speaking etiquette
  • effective communication skills for leaders
  • creating an eye-catching visual aid
  • interview communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal
  • navigating difficult conversations
  • group project strategies
  • how to give an “elevator pitch”
  • 3-Minute Thesis practice
  • how to give and receive feedback
  • practicing research concisely
Learn About our Services from SCC Director, Dr. Pamela Hopkins

Class Workshops and Presentations

Often times, the Center for Communication Excellence is asked to come to classes and present on our services and communication strategies. We are more than happy to create customized presentations and/or interactive workshops for your classes to suit the needs of your students. We can also accommodate smaller groups (up to 16) who would like their presentation to be held in our center. Many instructors and group leaders share with us which communication issues their students struggle with the most so we are able to cater our presentations to these areas.

Please call 252-328-2790 or email us at to request a class or group presentation.