School of Communication Journalism Students

Required Equipment for School of Communication Journalism Concentration students

For your convenience, we have established a relationship with a local camera shop, ASAP Photo and Video, who can provide you with the proper equipment. Programs are available to purchase this equipment on a rent- to-own basis which includes repair and replacement. Contact ASAP Photo and Video in Greenville, NC at 252-321-8888. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions concerning equipment.

For video:

Smart phone with tripod and external microphone—and data pkg of 64 GB or more

Students who do not wish to purchase a traditional camera package may use an iPhone 7 ( or higher), iPad or Android of similar quality in combination with a tripod and external microphone as seen below. Recommended minimum memory for the phone is 64 GB.

Tripod — must be at least 50 inches. Approx. $20… price may vary over time.

External Microphone — Approx. $40… price may vary over time.

Equipment needed includes:

  • HD video camera with memory drive and or hard drive;
  • tripod;
  • wireless microphone;
  • and memory card if your camera does not have a hard drive;
  • an equipment case is also recommended.

External Hard Drive (Doesn’t have to be this exact model, but we’ve found that it works well)

Editing software (other apps may be considered but they must have the ability to include dual audio tracks for voice over, sound bites and nat sound)

Adobe Creative Suite is free to students through the university. See the ITCS software download page.  We will use Edius software in our classes and it is installed in the Joyner East classroom which is open two nights per week during the semester. Edius as with many nonlinear software packages is similar in nature to Adobe Premiere Pro. Once you learn one type of software, learning the second type is much easier.

Laptops ( not required)/optional- Students have access to computers all over campus : Any laptop either PC or Mac which has a high enough CPU. Here’s a helpful article about laptops for video editing.

If you have specific questions about your equipment, see your instructor.